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QUESTION: Is Owning a Home Still One of the Best Hedges Against Inflation?

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a home this year, you're probably wondering if you should continue down that path or if it makes more sense to wait. While the answer depends on your situation, here’s how homeownership can help you combat the rising costs that come with inflation. Buying a home allows you to stabilize what’s typically your biggest monthly expense: your housing cost. When you have a fixed-rate mortgage on your home, you lock in your monthly payment for the duration of your loan, often 15 to 30 years.

Once you buy a house, any home price appreciation that does occur will grow your equity and net worth. And since homes are typically assets that grow in value, you have peace of mind that history shows your investment is a strong one.

That means, if you're ready and able, it makes sense to buy today before prices rise further.

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