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QUESTION: Do YOU Have a Plan?

In June we celebrate graduates, which led me to remember when our girls were getting ready to graduate from high school and leave for college.

Both our daughters went out-of-state to attend college. They had lots of amazing experiences to look forward to and when they left home were ready to face them head-on with confidence. Even though change is a bit scary, knowing where they'd live, and the classes they'd take made both far less worried about the transition. You see, they had 'a plan in place' they had helped to create after doing their research and were excited about the opportunities that lay ahead.

This is much like the strategy we use when assisting older home owners and their family members who face the challenges a later-in-life transition can present. If you are an older homeowner (or have one in your life) who can no longer live independently, or chooses not to, it may be time to consider moving to a place where you can get the help you need. We help create a game-plan that will take much of the worry and uncertainty out of the picture, minimizing the stress a move entails. (Frankly, this strategy and model works well for all our clients, at any age!)

Like our daughters who sought guidance from college advisors, Boomers and Savvy Seniors on the Move can surround themselves with seasoned professionals, like ourselves, who offer expert advice every step of the way!

If you are ready for a consultation to create your own plan and receive our 40 page workbook, "The 5 Steps to a Successful Move." Click here or call 925-788-6582 to get started.


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