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Elderly Couple Contract

Past Savvy Seniors Living Seminars

Here is our video archive of 2021 Savvy Seniors Living Seminars, a series of candid conversations with local experts focused on the unique and complex housing-related issues facing California’s mature homeowners & families.

Click here to see the current schedule of upcoming seminars delivered live at the Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church.

Click here to see past seminars 2022-2024.


Living to be 100

Socially Distanced & Staying Connected

55+ Living Options You Didn't Know You Had

Rightsizing Part 1- The Emotions Behind Letting Go

Rightsizing Part 2 - How to Liquidate, Repurpose Your STUFF

Rightsizing Part 3 - Follow the Downsizing Made Easy Method

Pay for Retirement with a Reverse Mortgage - Stay Put or Purchase

Independent vs. Assisted Living - What's Right for Me?

In Home & Residential Care

​​Avoiding Disaster: Tax, Wills, Trusts, Finances

Living with Purpose & Leaving Your Legacy

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