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Elderly Couple Contract

Past Savvy Seniors Living Seminars

Here is our video archive of past Savvy Seniors Living Seminars, a series of candid conversations with local experts focused on the unique and complex housing-related issues facing California’s mature homeowners & families.

Click here to see the current schedule of upcoming seminars delivered live at the Lafayette Library.

The latest videos are listed below. Follow these links to see seminars from 2021


Aging in (the Right) Place


Rightsizing Part 1: Downsizing Method


Rightsizing Part 2: Spring Cleaning

Emergency Preparedness

Conversations About Dementia


Going from "We" to "Me"

Is Rossmoor Living Right for Me?

In-Home and Residential Care

Assisted Living Communities & Things to Consider When Touring

Cannabis and Seniors

Spending Your Nest Egg

What's It Worth?

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