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SELLERS: How Will You Leave Your Home to the Next Owner?

The manner in which sellers prepare their homes for the next occupants can reveal volumes about their character. While some may depart in a rush, leaving behind disarray born of tense negotiations or sheer indifference, others demonstrate a remarkable level of thoughtfulness, going the extra mile to facilitate a seamless transition.

Consider the example of one of my recent home sellers, actually one of my dearest friends I'll call Elle. She meticulously crafted a comprehensive folder for the incoming homeowners. This treasure trove of insights ranged from practical tips on maintaining the furnace to heartfelt recommendations about local neighbors, embodying a level of consideration that transcends mere transactional exchanges. Such gestures, no matter how seemingly small, wield profound influence in the eyes of the buyers, illuminating the seller's care and respect for their former abode.

In my own household, my partner exemplifies this ethos by diligently cataloging manuals for all our appliances, not solely for our benefit but with the anticipation of aiding those who follow in our footsteps. This practice, however, is not an anomaly; it resonates with a growing trend across the nation, where sellers conscientiously compile spreadsheets and binders brimming with invaluable information for the next chapter of their home's story.

These acts of kindness not only streamline the transition process for the new occupants but also serve as poignant testaments to the deep-rooted affection and pride that the sellers harbored for their dwellings. Regrettably, however, there are instances where this responsibility is overlooked, leaving behind a trail of disarray for the unsuspecting buyers to confront.

To safeguard against such pitfalls and ensure a harmonious transition, it becomes imperative to incorporate explicit clauses within the sales contract pertaining to cleanliness standards and the potential withholding of funds until the property is restored to its rightful state. By articulating these expectations with clarity and precision, both parties are empowered to fulfill their respective obligations, fostering an environment conducive to fairness and mutual respect throughout the transaction process.


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