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My 7 Favorite Ways to Make a Space Feel Larger

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Feeling cramped at home?

Want to make your rooms look and 'live' larger without knocking down walls?

1. See through furniture. Chairs, sofas with visible legs allow you to see under and around pieces; they'll appear to float in the room rather than dominate. Glass coffee tables are good choices, too.

2. Big Accents. Most people think small is best in small rooms. Yet, a lot of tiny things cause a space to feel cluttered, while 1 or 2 larger pieces actually make it feel more spacious. Try a large piece of art or a single large chair.

3. Think vertical. Draw the eyes up, by adding a tall bookshelf, hanging wallpaper with vertical stripes. or pendant lights. If you must have window coverings, try hanging drapes above the window opening down to the floor.

4. Step away from the edge. Arrange your furniture in a central layout instead of pushing the sofa, chairs, side tables against the walls. Open the space, allow the pieces to 'breathe.'

5. Skip the curtains. Why block natural light and views of nature if you don't have to? Most everyone prefers light and bright spaces to dark and small.

6. Bring nature indoors. Add plants, use natural textures in furniture, accessories.

7. Lighten up. White walls reflect light and make the room look bigger. We are seeing walls, ceiling and trim all painted the same shade of white which creates a soaring, bright space. Simple.


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