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FYI: Staging Matters

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

How do you feel when you walk into a vacant room in a property for sale?

It can feel cold and a bit sad.

Some sellers think an empty room makes it appear larger, yet that is actually not the case.

Now, picture walking into that same empty room now furnished with beautiful art, accessories, rugs, lighting and furniture in just the right size and placed in such a way to facilitate a good traffic flow and show the best use of that space.

Do you "see" the difference?

A great stager uses objects and color to draw the eye to a room's best features, or possibly away from something that is not as appealing. Staging is marketing, merchandising and presenting a home and all it's rooms and spaces in the best light. The buyer sees where to place the couch, hang the TV, what size dining table works best and how to set up each room for maximum enjoyment.

The visual presentation sets the stage and will make our professional photography really shine online where buyers begin their search for the perfect home. And, the best news: statistically we will sell your home for more money in a shorter amount of time, getting you moved on to your next adventure even sooner!

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