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FYI: Home Design Upgrades at the Top of Buyers’ Wish Lists

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Are you ready for fuzzy socks, cozy fires, warm drinks, and more pumpkin everything?

As the seasons change we are all going to spend even more time indoors. The pandemic has put the spotlight on our home life and the functional spaces where we live. We have reduced our travel, dining and fitness budgets and are spending more on home enhancements and design.

There are a number of design ideas to help you live more comfortably, now and in the future. If you are planning to do home improvements, as a local Realtor working with sellers and buyers, I can assure you there are certain home design upgrades at the top of buyers’ wish lists.

So, investing in the right projects that are most appealing to buyers will certainly boost your home's value.

A designated home office space which is both appealing and functional is at the top of the list. Especially if someone is working from home and has kids, they will want a place to get away and work. You can re-imagine an existing bedroom or consider an ADU, lot size permitting. 

Create more living space by creating indoor/outdoor rooms. Outdoor living spaces to get out and play, relax and entertain your 'bubble' are more important than ever. Outdoor furniture sales have spiked this year compared to last.

Designate a space for exercise. Earlier this year, all our gyms were closed. Now, as the County slowly opens up, many are still not comfortable going back to exercising with a crowd. Buyers really appreciate at-home fitness rooms, especially with all the extra sourdough bread being made! I know many friends of mine they won't be continuing their gym memberships. 

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