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FYI: Great Ways to Save on Home Improvement

Shop at ReStore.

Habitat for Humanity REStore locations often have surplus appliances, building materials, housewares, furniture and art at great prices. I volunteered for the one in Concord last year and found lots of treasures. You can find others by visiting

Visit estate sales for tools.

You can search “estate sales near me” or check out CraigsList and see which ones list tools in their description of items to be sold. And, remember…you can haggle!

Shop at the local lumberyard.

Prices here are often better than at the big box stores and you may even get better quality lumber. And, you drive up to the pile instead of pushing a heavy cart down crowded aisles and out to your car.

Change to LED lighting.

The prices have significantly dropped, so no need to delay replacing your most frequently used bulbs. They are not only better for the environment, but you can save quite a lot per year in electricity costs.

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