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ASK ALLISON: How Can I Unleash My Real Estate Superpower?

Updated: May 11

Allison Costelow

Hey there, future homeowners!

Do you know what your biggest superpower is when it comes to buying real estate?

Drumroll please It's your credit!

Your real estate journey kicks off by mastering the 4 C's of building credit, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Let's break it down:

Credit: This is like a snapshot of your financial past. Consistent on-time payments tell lenders that you're a reliable bet, opening doors to the best loan terms.

Capacity: It's not just about having the funds; it's about showing that you've got the income and track record to comfortably handle a loan.

Capital: Having assets or cash reserves can be your safety net, reassuring lenders that you've got a backup plan for loan repayment.

Collateral: In the world of real estate, the home itself often serves as collateral, giving lenders added confidence in your loan application. I'm here to be your real estate ally and to add value to your journey.

Need help understanding how credit affects real estate financing, or looking for guidance on boosting your credit score?

Call, text, or email me and let's chat!

Your Real Estate Partner, Allison Costelow 707-813-1643


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