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FYI: 7 Inexpensive Updates You Can Do Now

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Sellers can spend a lot to prepare their home for the market, yet they don't necessarily have to. When creating an 'experience' for the potential buyers, it's the little details that matter. Now that home buyers are having to make quick decisions based on limited visits , competitive situations, or in some cases online marketing materials alone, these fixes are no-brainers that buyers will love.

  1. Take off old or dusty window blinds and curtains to let in the natural light. If you must have some sort of window covering, choose something with clean lines.

  2. Paint that faux-finished or accent wall. Neutral, light colors are good choices.

  3. Scrape the popcorn "good for the movies, not so great for ceilings." Think dust collector.

  4. Install new hardware on bathrooms...and particular. The cabinets and drawers without hardware scream "dated." Try to hide the hinges, if possible.

  5. Like hardware, mirrors can bring the sparkle and shine to a room. In bathrooms you can frame the wall-to-wall mirrors (which get brown edges) or replace with more updated hanging varieties. Mirrors work well in almost every room of the home, giving the illusion of more space and light.

  6. Replace your plastic switch covers and plates. It's easy and economical.

  7. Lastly, mismatched appliances are always a turn-off to buyers. Yes, yours may still work, but if you want to make your home move-in ready, consider a package deal at one of the home improvement stores to update your kitchen with a more modern look for 2021.

Of course, other things you'll want to critically look at before hitting the market include: scratched wood floors, baseboards, worn carpet, old light fixtures and faucets, and tile counter tops.

Our team will give your ideas and direction on all of the above and more to help you get your property in the best shape possible for the least amount of money. And, the best news is you can possibly pay for all this out of escrow.

Please keep in mind, a buyer will make up their mind about your home in the first 10 seconds, so the old adage "you only have one chance to make a good first impression" is really true.

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