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DAYNA: Ready-to-Sell Certified

I am a Keller Offers Certified Agent who will walk you through your various selling options!

Improve your home's marketability with no upfront costs.

I can help you get your home prepped for sale without any up-front costs.

I am certified in determining which improvements will make the greatest impact on the sale of your home. I will be your advocate throughout the process - I solely represent you! We can utilize this program to address items from a home or pest inspection or to make much-needed cosmetic updates to help your home shine on the open market.

Some examples of remodeling you can do to increase your homes value include:

Flooring Replacement/Repair, Carpet Cleaning/Replacement, Deep-Cleaning, Cosmetic Renovations, Landscaping, Interior and Exterior Painting, Roofing Repair, Kitchen Improvements, Bathroom Improvements, Staging and more!

Call me to get started today! 925.788.6582

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