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2020: Design Trends That Are In & Out

New year. New goals. And, new trends. While we strive to refresh our lives, our homes may need a bit of refreshing, too.  On point winter colors recommended by architects, designers, colors include

#1 blacks with warm fabrics, like velvet and furs

#2 icy blues with white accents and

#3 smokey purple with neutrals

#4 earthy textures with warm metal tones

#5 rich browns-cinnamon, toast, dark cocoa

#6 relaxing dark blue-greens

#7 creamy tones with monochromatic scheme

#8 cool neutrals with iron red (think rouge for your cheeks) Design trends that are so 'last year"

Home trends of past decades that make today's buyers cringe...

  • Popcorn ceilings - only at the movies with butter

  • Tile counter tops - no one wants to clean grout

  • Shag carpet, animal print rugs - Not 'groovy' any more

  • Wood paneling - dated and dreary

  • Linoleum floors - hardwood, engineered wood or tile, please

  • Wallpaper borders

  • Tuscan kitchens

  • Matching window valances, vertical blinds, matching wallpaper and carpets

  • Hollywood mirror lights, exposed light bulb

  • Silk plants, fake fruit - think dust collectors

  • Floral everything, lace, chintz, dusty pastels

  • Curio cabinets, ceiling mirrors, conversation pits...On my!

  • Word art, monograms, oversized leather sofas, futons, nautical

The list goes on and on, but I chose the past trends that made me cringe the most. Think like a buyer as you consider what can be done to make your property stand out among the rest of the competition and the design features that will be most appealing. You deserve to net the most amount of money for your most important asset. Let us help you with design decisions an project manage all your repair and remodeling projects.

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