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Walnut Creek, Buyer and Seller

We lived in the same home in Walnut Creek, raised our 2 children, and created many wonderful memories. After enjoying our home for over 40 years, we acknowledged we weren’t as young and energetic as we once were. We recognized the need to downsize was imminent, so we began our tasks to accomplish this. Our first call was to Dayna Wilson – to handle both the purchase of a more practical home and to sell our existing home.

We originally met Dayna when attending her Savvy Seniors seminars. The guest speakers were informative, and the topics were always interesting. Dayna’s expertise was unquestionably what we needed.
We were confident that Dayna made sure the necessary documentation was in order, there would be nothing missing that could cause problems with the sale or purchase now or in the future. Dayna watched the market and made suggestions, but always listened to our wants/needs. Her staff and team of qualified experts kept the processes moving with little concern on our part; all were a pleasure to work with.

Although this was a difficult process to maneuver, both physically and mentally, we couldn’t have done it without Dayna’s encouragement and expertise. And happily, through the processes, she has become a good friend. We are happy to recommend her to you; she is a pleasure to work with and truly an expert to turn to with your “savvy seniors” needs.

Gary & Maggi Miller

Content by Dayna Wilson Real Estate Team, Walnut Creek Realtors

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