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Chad C., Seller, Concord

Within a year and a half I had graduated college, moved like three times, started a new job, got married, had a baby, and to my total shock and dismay, lost my dear mother.

Life was throwing me curve balls left and right it seemed, and now I had to deal with my mother’s estate three states away while grieving her loss.

Along came Dayna Wilson, and not only did she convince me she was trustworthy upon our initial meeting, she proved it. She stayed in constant contact with me as we went through the steps of preparing and selling my mother’s condominium. Every other day I had an e-mail, text, or call updating me about where we stood in the process and sale.

On the 14th of June she officially listed the property, by the end of the month it was closing for the asking price.

Whoa ... that was fast, and exactly how I needed it to go.

Also, just closing with one buyer wasn’t secure enough for Dayna, she even had a back up buyer in case the first offer fell through. Pretty heads up I say.

Long story short, I would recommend Dayna in a heartbeat. Whether it’s a small condo like mine or a huge sprawling estate in the hills. Her enthusiasm and professionalism are what it takes to get the job done in this day and age, not to mention she’s friendly ... I didn’t even know that was still a thing anymore. Awesome.

Content by Dayna Wilson Real Estate Team, Walnut Creek Realtors

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