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Alex, Seller, Walnut Creek

Dayna Wilson was recommended to me as a person who might be helpful in selling our property in the San Francisco Bay area. I would recommend her to you. I contacted her and she came and gave an energetic and meaningful introduction and continued to be available to advise me until I hired her to sell the property. She gave me good advise in preparing the property for sale and the service providers she recommended I did employ. I enjoyed working with them and the outcome of the job in the end exceeded our expectations. Then Dayna recommended a price that satisfied the situation and goals. This is no small thing and her use of many resources to do this I think was exceptional. Then she unleashed a far reaching and all encompassing Juggernaut of presentation and presentations and the house sold very quickly to a buyer that appreciated the place and will enjoy it. The whole thing went pretty well for us. We were in a remote location through much of the project. Dayna tidied things up in the end and kept us in the loop throughout. She proved to be trustworthy, competent, resourceful, and forthright.

Content by Dayna Wilson Real Estate Team, Walnut Creek Realtors

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