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WHAT CLIENTS SAY: “Dayna Wilson is fantastic!"

WHAT CLIENTS SAY: “Dayna Wilson is fantastic! Dayna was recommended to me by a friend who said she is the perfect real estate agent to help a first-time buyer find and purchase a home. (That would be a first-time buyer like me -- terrified about the whole idea of finding and purchasing a home!) When I first met Dayna, I knew my friend was right about Dayna.

Dayna is so perceptive. When she and I first met, she saw my anxiety. After we chatted for a minute or two, she explained home buying, financing, closing, etc., in a way that alleviated my worries. She quickly identified what I was looking for and had lots of ideas about options which would interest me. Dayna is delightful, has a great sense of humor, and is so fun to be with! She went way above and beyond, and I know she worked more than 24/7 for me. Her assistant Tammie Taylor is wonderful, too. When the deal closed, Tammie personally came all the way to my office to bring me the keys to my new house!! Tammie is lovely and as dedicated as Dayna.

Dayna turned the endeavor which I thought was going to be painful and frightening into a positive experience. With her knowledge, know-how, cheerful disposition and grace, Dayna ensured my success!

You can understand from what I have written above why I have been recommending Dayna to all my friends, and I definitely recommend Dayna to anyone and everyone who is looking to buy a home!”

- Buyer, Walnut Creek


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