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Showing Checklist for a Perfect Presentation!

Home Showing Checklist

1. Turn on lights and open curtains: Welcome potential buyers with a bright and inviting atmosphere.

2. Empty trash: Keep your space clean and clutter-free for a great first impression.

3. Ensure the house is deep cleaned: Sparkling surfaces showcase your home at its best.

4. Close the toilet lids: Small details matter - keep it tidy!

5. Remove all personal belongings: Help buyers envision themselves living in your space.

6. Arrange linens and make your beds: Add a touch of comfort and homeliness to every room.

7. Make sure the house smells good: Set the mood with a room scent that matches the season - fresh for spring, sunshine and tropical for summer, cinnamon for fall, and mulled cider or pine for winter.

8. Vacuum and mop all the floors: Ensure every surface is spotless and shining.

9. Clean the countertops and make them shine: Showcase the beauty of your kitchen.

10. Wash the curtains: Freshen up your window treatments for an extra polished look.

11. No dishes in the sink or dishwasher: Keep the kitchen clutter-free for a seamless viewing experience.

Follow these steps for a successful showing that wows!


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