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SHIFT WITH THE SEASONS: Transition Your Home to Summer

You can relax and refresh in a beautiful space. Some simple ideas to make the warmer weather months ahead a breeze...

#1 Create Space for Outdoor Activities

Whether you prefer gardening, camping, beach time, outdoor concerts/picnics or road trips, you'll want to ensure all your necessary equipment is handy. For most of us, our garage is the messiest place. Use hooks to hang gardening tools, kayaks and surfboards. Bikes can hang from wall or ceiling hooks, opening up garage floor space. Shelves can hold coolers, tents, hiking boots and more. Cabinets can house smaller items and hazardous chemicals that need to be locked away from small children. Winter holiday decorations, skis, sleds, etc. should go back up in the rafters or shed.

#2 Organize Your Closets

It's traditionally time to put the heavy wool suits and coats toward the back of the closet. Yet, why not challenge yourself to make a capsule wardrobe? By having only 10 to 20 staple clothing items, you can seriously cut down on time searching for an outfit, and add more space in the closet. Solids work best with a few key prints that can mix and match with your chosen colors. Accessories also extend your outfits' versatility for a relatively low cost refresh. Think: scarves, hats, jewelry, shoes, belts and bags.

#3 Create a Summer Atmosphere

Welcome the new season by removing heavy, dark window treatments and installing blinds in lighter fabrics, colors or natural materials. Try adding a fresh, summer-inspired scent to your home with a diffuser. Another idea is to decorate with pops of color with new couch pillows, flowers and potted plants, or fun fabrics. Bold and bright area rugs can also change the mood of a room.

Have fun, be creative, stay cool!


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