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SEMINAR: Aging in Place AKA Stayin' Put - July 5th

You’ve decided to stay in your home – now what? Are you prepared? Have you taken steps to equip yourself and your residence for the long haul? Learn the pro’s and con’s about aging-in-place during this 90-minute lively and informative panel discussion.

"Aging-In-Place" is the politically correct terminology defined by professionals in the field of aging, yet seniors use it to mean, "I plan on staying put." Yet, so many fail to plan for unexpected challenges that life brings our way. The majority of us want to remain in place, but what if it is no longer feasible or advisable to do so?

Our expert panelists will share with you some of the most effective strategies and resources available for living safely, independently and joyfully in your home as you get older.

You will discover:

  • Ways to remain in control of your lifestyle choices and decisions

  • How to choose whether to ‘stay put’ in your current home or move to one more manageable

  • Universal Design solutions

  • Easy home renovations to make your home more accessible

  • How to successfully age-in-place, both physically and emotionally

If you are 62 or older, you have options – lots of them! The challenge: Knowing which options are right for you!

Take the time to learn what it takes to age in place long after retirement!

PHONE >> 925-330-4388


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