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SELLER TIP: Time to Get Ready to Sell

Most people believe the best time of year to sell a home is in the Spring. You can choose to wait until then, but it will take more than the right month to get top dollar. Because there will be more homes on the market competing with yours, you'll need careful planning and proper preparation. Here are some things you can do NOW to get ready:

  1. Hire inspectors to identify any major issues in the home. Handle major repairs now, one by one.

  2. Cut the clutter by cleaning, donating, consigning and hauling away items you no longer want or need.

  3. Freshen up with paint-it is an easy and relatively inexpensive face-lift.

  4. Replace your mailbox and house numbers so buyers can easily find your home when it hits the market For Sale.

  5. Lastly, call your local real estate expert (ME!) to get started on a game-plan to maximize your profits!

Call me at 925.788.6582. I'd love to chat over a cup of coffee and answer all your real estate questions!

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