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REGISTER FOR FREE SEMINAR: “Cut the Clutter – Estate Liquidation Plan” – April 5th

Too many "treasures" in your home? Is your home filled with "extra" stuff you no longer need or want?"

We live in a world where we accumulate things, especially if we have lived in same place for many years. The more space we have, the more stuff we keep.

If, over time, the things you've collected have overtaken your space - both physically and mentally - then this seminar is for YOU.

Even though we have a literal definition of "clutter," we know that

  • it means something different to everyone

  • there are degrees of clutter as defined by the owner of the belongings, and

  • it’s completely subjective.

Our panel of experts will discuss both the emotional and physical aspects of de-cluttering and will provide practical strategies for de-cluttering your home.

PHONE >> 925-330-4388


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