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QUESTION: What's Your Backyard Personality Profile?

Spring has sprung and summer is almost here. One of the reasons we all love living in N. California's East Bay is the wonderful weather we get to enjoy. In fact, when consulting with home buyers, 9 times out of 10 they list a great outdoor space as one of their 'must-haves.'

So, whether you are thinking of buying your next place or staying right where you are for now, why not create a dream get-away right in your own backyard? Whether you are a budding gardener, energetic entertainer or simply need more space to work and play, you'll want some inspiration to get you started.

Outdoor spaces have really become extensions of our homes and another opportunity to create a place that matches your personality.

What's your backyard personality profile? The Backyard Griller? The Entertainer? The Gardener? The Lounger?

The Chef

You love creating and enjoying delicious food. And, it just so happens, your friends and family love your cooking, too. Just like inside your home, the kitchen is the main focus of your outdoor space and you'll want everything within easy reach. Prep sink, built-in grill and maybe even a pizza oven. You'll also want a veggie and herb garden for all the delish recipes you'll be whipping up. Lastly, a magical patio or deck to fit all your favorite people who cannot get enough of your marvelous meals.

The Entertainer

When your tribe gathers there is never a question about who's are! You can turn any 'ol day into a reason to celebrate. Yet, when large groups come over, the music and conversation can get loud so have some smaller areas for folks to break-away, sit and talk with small side or coffee tables for food and drink. Lawn games are always a hit. Bring on the croquet, lawn darts, corn-hole or badminton and unleash your guests' competitive edge. A fire pit or table elevates the space and creates an instant gathering spot. Lastly a pool is a plus, whether large or small. Remember to have some towels on hand.

The Gardener

With your green thumb, you have the magic touch to grow blooming plants or delicious vegetables and fruits and more. You thrive on creating spaces where your household and friends can get closer to nature. A backyard that is alive and blooming is a great escape. Raised beds are easier on your back and your plants will be happier also with better soli and drainage. You can build them to fit any space. Potting soil is messy so a potting station or bench will contain the mess to one area. Try using an old dresser or desk and paint it a fun color. A storage shed will come in handy for pots, rakes, potting mix and don't forget some fun whimsy like birdhouses, old bikes with flowers in the basket, art on the fence or a bubbling fountain.

The Lounger

You work hard and look forward to coming home to your private oasis. You switch into stay-cation mode and love to unwind.

No matter what your backyard profile is every good yard has a few essentials I recommend considering:

Shade: We get some mighty sizzling summer days so go all out with a covered patio or keep it simple with a sunshade or colorful umbrella or two.

String lights: They are functional, come in a variety of styles and bulb options and give your space a major glow offering a warm and relaxing ambience. You can go for the industrial globes or tiny twinkling lights, hang them or wrap them around your favorite tree.

Sound: I am one of those people that has to have music everywhere I am. And whether you are cooking, entertaining, gardening or just hanging out, having a speaker system to set the mood with your favorite playlist is a must. We even bought a fun speaker that changes colors; looks really cool during night time events.


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