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PENDING: 3341 Tice Creek Drive #3, Walnut Creek 94595

Representing Buyer.

Another successful home is now Pending in Rossmoor and my Buyer couldn't be more pleased. You see, after renting the same place for decades, she was recently given notice to vacate by the end of the year. She was referred to me by a friend and, not wasting any time, we had a consultation and were out previewing homes three days later.

Because I asked a lot of questions upfront, I was able to only show her homes that matched her wants and needs to a tee. She wrote an offer on a home the very first day we toured properties and will soon be moved in to enjoy the holidays in her new forever home!

Who is next? Call or text me today at 925.788.6582 to schedule a 30-minute consultation to explore your goals and options.

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