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HOW-TO: Making Rooms in Older Homes Appear Larger

What comes before Light, Camera, Action when selling a home? Yes, you guessed it...Staging!

In parts of the greater Bay Area, many homes are from a long-ago era in which life was lived in spaces that seem small to our modern eye. As these homes come up for sale, we real estate professionals often turn to home stagers to emphasize the grandeur of the smaller rooms inside these homes.

Here are a few insights:

We Go Low

We emphasize the splendor of a small room with furniture and wall hangings that keep closer to the floor. This allows the viewer’s eye to feel the relatively larger proportion of the wall space above.

We Go Bright

We always advise our clients to choose wall colors that are bright, emphasizing the spaciousness of the room.

We Go Long

When staging smaller rooms, we emphasize vertical elements as much as possible using longer plants, wall art and even longer-legged furniture. We want the eye to move around the room as much as possible (vertically and horizontally) without clutter. Motion creates space.

Scantily Covered

Natural bright light from windows always increases the feeling of space in a room. If window covering is required to shield from an unsightly view, then use bright shear coverings only.

Source: Chic Interior Designs

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