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How to Get a Seller to Choose Your Offer

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Let's be honest, it's a crazy real estate market right now. It is moving fast and furious and is stressful for everyone. If you find "The One'' and just have to get the home you just saw, the home of your dreams, then I have some tips for you. Writing a winning offer takes skill and it isn't always the highest priced offer that wins the day. How does your offer rise to the top of the pile? Here are some suggestions that just might sway the seller (HINT: and the listing agent) to lean in your favor and it's all about your agent!

1. Your agent should connect with the listing agent.

Get the listing agent to like you as an agent. Don't be a pest with multiple texts, phone calls, emails. I suggest being professional, yet friendly, and competent and proactive without being too pushy and aggressive. Your agent and the listingShare agent are going to be working together to create a win/win scenario for all parties. Does your agent get deals closed? Are they nice, courteous, experienced?

2. Have your agent tell the listing agent why you are motivated, ready, willing and able to buy the home. A committed, serious buyer is what the seller side is looking for.

Listing agents and sellers want to know buyers love and want the home — that this is the only home that they see themselves living in out of all the others.Tell the sellers how long you've been looking. How many offers you have written and lost (shows how hungry they are). Bring your inspector/contractor and walk the property doing a pre-inspection before submitting the offer. It shows that you and your buyers are serious bidders. By knowing the condition of the home you won’t get buyer’s remorse if you find something wrong with it later.

3. Stand Out! Get attention, get creative. Now that Covid is on the run...have your agent present your offer in person. The agent should be selling you. Your lender should be contacting the listing agent and touting your financial virtues, explaining why your financing is rock solid. Remember: many brokerages no longer look or present buyer "Love Letters."


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