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DOWNSIZING? Sorting 101

Deciding how to sort possessions, what to keep, what to discard, and what to donate can be the biggest roadblock to moving, especially while looking for a new home. Sorting through a lifetime of household items and memories can be extremely time-consuming and challenging.

An integral part of my step-by-step process is determining if an organizer, estate sale company, or move manager is needed to provide personalized, objective assistance with organizing and sorting belongings.

The objectivity of hiring a professional is often preferred over assistance from well-meaning family members. Sometimes it’s the adult children of boomer and senior sellers that have the hardest time "letting go" of treasures or with the idea of their parents moving away from the family home.

Organizers are known for their skills in turning chaos into order. Some organizers help with sorting and packing. Some move managers or moving companies can help with this, too. prepared.

This stage or step always takes longer than one might expect.

The next step is hiring a move manager to organize the entire move from point A to point B with the least amount of stress. Move managers specialize in helping folks determine what items they want and need to move and which items will fit in their new home. Working with the owners, the move managers focus on the task at hand, schedule the movers, and set up everything in the new home.

After the move, an estate liquidator will take over to arrange an estate sale of the items left behind. After an estate sale, a hauling company picks up the remaining items that did not sell. Many clients don't have enough to warrant an estate sale, and in these cases we connect with local estate auction galleries for key luxury, high-end or rare items that can be sold.

This step-by-step process, called "outstanding turn-key service," is a sure winner.

"Dayna coordinated a complex mix of activities for us with unswerving determination, precision, and enthusiasm," writes Preston Sherwood, a recent client. "We were impressed by how thoroughly she knows the business, between contracts, permits, legalities, and negotiations, and how effectively she owned and drove progress."

His property sold quickly and at a good price.

Thinking of moving? Let me connect you with a wide range of professionals to iron out the process. Call/text me at 925.788.6582 or click to secure 15 minutes of time with me.


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