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CLIENT REVIEW: "Very Satisfied by Dayna, and Her Teams"

"In 2011, I was in the need of a realtor to help sell my late father’s home. Being from out-of-state, I asked one of his neighbors, who recommended Dayna Wilson based on other local feedback. I selected Dayna to help sell his home and she was extremely helpful getting his house inspected, appropriate repairs identified, contractors identified, repairs completed and finally staged for sale. Dayna’s knowledge of the local market was effective in setting a fair price that yielded a sale in short order. Based on our prior experience, I called Dayna to help sell another 'investment' property in July of 2022. Again, Dayna and her team arranged a home inspection and assisted in finding contractors to perform work within a tight time schedule. My decision was to sell this property “as-is” but recognized that certain improvements would be necessary and Dayna’s input on what was appropriate was most helpful. Using comparable sales, a target price was set, but Dayna quickly recognized that with the change in interest rates and resulting impact on sales, an adjustment in the asking price was appropriate. We reacted quickly, yielding to multiple offers above the adjusted asking price. Being out-of-state, I relied on Dayna to provide continuous feedback to me throughout the sales process and she helped satisfactorily resolve a last-minute issue identified by the buyer. The sale went through very smoothly and quickly, which was exactly what I was hoping for. In summary, I was very satisfied by Dayna, and her teams, support and guidance for both of my property sales, and would recommend them for their experience, sales support, and guiding input." - Martin R. - Seller Walnut Creek & Concord


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