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SENIOR REAL ESTATE: "I highly recommend Dayna for any real estate transaction..."

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: "I worked with Dayna on the sale of my late brother's condo. My brother lived in Walnut Creek, California and I live in Washington state. Her help was invaluable in getting through the sale of his condo. She worked with me for 5 months even though I couldn't sign a listing agreement due to delays caused by the court not being open due to COVID-19.

Originally, I thought we'd improve the condo and she introduced me to contractors. Ultimately I decided to sell the condo as-is. She was very responsive and helped arrange to get the condo cleaned out for sale.

She provided excellent advice on the listing price to encourage interest and explained that listing at a lower price wouldn't necessarily mean getting offers for less than I was willing to accept.

The market for the condo was excellent and we received 14 offers at or above the listing price within 3 days of listing. The highest offer was 20 percent above the listing price and the property closed in about a week after it was listed.

Dayna worked extremely hard and was very proactive in shepherding the sales process working with me, the other realtor and the title company to see that the closing went smoothly.

I found Dayna to be easy to work with and very knowledgeable about her craft. I would highly recommend Dayna for any real estate transaction." - Executor, Rochester WA


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