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Let's Get Moving - Dayna's Favorite Hikes and Other Fun Things to Do in and Around the Bay Area

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

I am a Bay Area Native. One of the reasons I know the local East Bay communities like the back of my hand. I was born at Alta Bates Hospital and have lived here my entire life! I truly don't believe there is a better place on earth to call home. Well, I see I am not alone in this belief. We have amazing health care systems, culture and outdoor opportunities and natural beauty all around us. This is part of the reason so many people from around the globe have also chosen to call the Bay Area home. Maybe some of my readers know my favorite way to spend an extra hour or 4 is to get out and hike! The SF. Bay Area is full of amazing trails, whether you are searching for vistas, views, waterfalls, canyons, wildflowers, solitude, babbling brooks, ocean vistas, wildlife...whatever!

January Fav Pick of the Month: Wolf House in Jack London State Park, Sonoma. There are easy hikes from the parking lot to the ruins, the museum, his Pig Palace and the lake he and wife Charmain swam in with guests. I also recommend horse pack riding when available with a guided tour.


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