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HIKE: Mount Diablo Summit Trail

HIKE: Mount Diablo Summit Trail

Want an intense workout? Look no further than Mount Diablo, which boasts the highest peak in the Bay Area and the best views in Contra Costa County: On a clear day, you can see nearly 200 miles in every direction from the top of the 3,849-foot-tall mountain, so you may catch glimpses of such famed landmarks as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Farallon Islands, Loma Prieta, and Lassen Peak. There are numerous pathways you can take to the summit, but one of the most popular options is the Mitchell Canyon Trail, a 7-mile trek with a 1,700-foot elevation gain. If you’re not looking to test your athleticism and want a more relaxing hike, you should try the Mitchell Canyon Nature Trail. This 4-mile path stretches across stunning forests and features picturesque mountain views.

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