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Is winter a good time to sell your home?

When it comes to real estate, many feel the ideal time to sell your home is in the spring. After all, many people hunker down during the winter months or are too busy with the holidays to think about purchasing a new home.

And, people like to start shopping in the spring to make sure they are settled in their home before the start of a new school year. But listing your house for sale around the holidays has its benefits, if you position it right. Sure you may not get into a bidding war, but you are going to deal with serious buyers who are ready to pull the trigger.


Studies have shown that homes listed around the holidays not only command more money but can also sell quicker than those listed in the spring. One of the reasons is there is less  competition during the holidays. Once spring comes around, inventory picks up, and price wars increase especially in coveted neighborhoods. But during the holidays, with a buyers’ limited choices you may be able to list for more.


Anyone who is shopping for a new home around Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s is undoubtedly going to be a serious buyer. While hitting open houses is a favorite pastime for many Americans, they aren’t going to spend
their precious time around the holidays seeing how the other half lives. In the spring, when open houses are a regular occurrence, people may check out homes without a clear plan to buy. For more information visit my blog at


The end of the year is typically the time when people get notified they will be moving because of a job transfer. Those people are going to need a house sooner rather than later, and as a result, will be hunting for a new home
during the holidays.

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