Next to a major kitchen renovation, replacing appliances is one of the most expensive way to upgrade the space. So, if you’re purchasing a new refrigerator, stove or dishwasher in order to make your home more attractive to buyers, you want to make wise purchasing decisions.

The most important consideration is how the appliances will look in the kitchen. They should match in color and style. So often we see a black refrigerator, white dishwasher and stainless steel oven and it resembles a patchwork quilt! Great for a chilly fall evening on front of the fire, not optimal when selling your home. Appliances should be the right size for the space.

Appearance is important, but so are the features. Buyers will notice if the fridge has a water and ice dispenser. They’ll ask if the dishwasher has a noise-reduction feature. Double ovens and quick-heating burners (which are now available on electric stoves) will also get a buyer’s attention. I am finding convection stove tops have been a turn-off for buyers who will need to buy special pots and pans for this type of cooking appliance. Increasingly, buyers are also interested in the energy efficient features of a home – including appliances.

Kitchen appliances may seem minor compared to the overall appeal of your property, but they do make a difference. Purchase wisely!

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